Calling All Seniors: How You Can Boost Your Chances of Admission!

September 26, 2017 juliasurtshin

With just a few short weeks before college applications are due, using your time wisely to make the biggest impact on your applications is critical. By fall of your senior year, much of what goes into an application portfolio is largely “in the bag.” Your GPA is, for the most part, set, as is your record of extracurricular activities. Your teachers know you and you can’t, at this point, significantly influence what they might write in their letters of recommendation. But you do still have opportunities to boost the likelihood of being admitted to the colleges that interest you.

Everyone likes to be liked, right? Yep, it’s a no-brainer. But, what’s that go to do with applying to college?

Well, colleges want to be liked, just as you do. Yes, it makes them “feel” good (okay, I know colleges can’t actually feel), but this is not just about vanity. The more a student engages with a college, the more confident admissions officers can be about that student’s likelihood of enrolling. If you follow college rankings or are a statistics geek, you’ve heard the term “yield”. Yield is the percentage of students accepted by a college who in turn, “accept” the college by enrolling. Yield is one factor that goes into college rankings. Yield information is used to inform a wide range of decisions including how many students to admit, how many to wait list, how to use the wait list, and how to allocate and use resources. Consequently, yield is critical to college admissions officers. So, it should go as no surprise that students who “show the love” may increase their chance of acceptance.

It’s important to stress that, more than anything else, you must be genuine. This is NOT about “kissing up” to colleges, but rather, authentically engaging with them. Admissions officers are experts at sniffing out insincerity.

And this is not just about the colleges either. From your perspective, the more you sincerely engage a college, the more you’ll know about how closely it matches what you’re seeking in the college you attend.

Demonstrated Interest

My colleagues and I call this engagement “Demonstrated Interest”. Approximately 50% of the colleges responding to the National Association for College Admission Counseling’s Admission Trends Survey–publications/publications/state-of-college-admission/ report that Demonstrated Interested is of Considerable or Moderate importance in making their decisions.

So, how do you demonstrate interest?

Ways to Demonstrate Interest

1. Request additional information after looking at the website.
2. Engage your admissions counselor in a meaningful “conversation”. Identify the admissions officer      who handles your geographic area or high school and ask him/her a couple of significant                    questions. Genuinely endeavor to learn more about the institution than is available through online      resources.

3. Open emails from the college and, if appropriate, forward to your parents.
4. Attend a regional information session.
6. Visit the booth at a college fair.
5. Visit the campus.
7. Request an interview.
8. Write a genuine “Why College X” statement.
9. Ask to be put in touch with a current student to get more of his/her perspective.
10. Supply all requested and recommended information and materials.
11. Write thank you note.
12. Apply early.

Some Words of Caution


1. Keep up a constant dialogue with an admissions officer. He/she is extremely busy and you don’t        want to become thought of as a nuisance.
2. Ask questions whose answers are available online or in print.
3. Ignore directions, most typically by sending materials that are not requested or recommended.
4. Behave inappropriately. Be friendly and put your best foot forward. Applying to college is                    important business.

You’re in the home stretch. Keep positive, focused, and submit your applications before the last minute.


TIP: The PSAT is coming up. Doing a little prep beforehand will help you do as well as possible.